As a general rule, all submissions (regardless of their category; see below) should, whenever possible, try to account for all or most of the following items:

  • Connection with conference theme
  • Quick state of the art
  • Objectives, significance and originality of the study
  • Methodology
  • Expected or provisional results
  • Discussion and conclusion

All proposals must be submitted in PDF. Your document must include:

Paper/proposal title:___________________________________________
Category of proposal: _________________________________________
(Word count excluding title, category of proposal and references)
The proposal itself (see below for details)

For the sake of a blind review process, please make sure that your document is anonymised: the abstract must have all author names and institutions removed. The author/authors’ details will be registered when logging into the EasyChair submission portal.

There are 5 categories of proposals. All proposals will be reviewed by the conference programme committee and the scientific committee.

CATEGORY 1: Pre-conference workshops
–        We accept proposals for 4-hour workshops (either morning or afternoon) involving substantial audience participation. The workshops should draw on the conference theme and on any of the broad research questions outlined above to show, as practically and hands-on as possible, how persuasion may be studied and analysed from a range of methodological approaches (linguistic, literary, artistic, educational, psychological, etc.).
–        Proposals should be between 800 and 1000 words in length (excluding word count for references) and should include:
  • The rationale for the workshop and its relevance to the conference theme.
  • The nature of the workshop’s envisaged audience and the possible benefits they may gain from their participation.
  • The reasons behind the workshop’s practical orientation and the specific objectives it aims to fulfil.
  • The organisation/programme of the workshop.
  • Information on technical requirements.
CATEGORY 2: Panels
–        Panels during the main conference offer an opportunity to group related papers together to allow extended discussions.
–        Panel proposals (2 hours, including 3 or 4 full paper presentations), to be submitted by the panel convenor(s), should include:
  • The convenor(s)’s introduction, detailing the rationale for the panel, its connection with the conference theme, and a brief summary of each contribution (about 250/300 words).
  • The abstract for each of the proposed papers (about 250/300 words each).
–        All in all, proposals should be between 1200 and 1400 words in length (including the introduction and the abstracts), accompanied by references. Titles and references are excluded from the word count.
CATEGORY 3: Full or individual papers
–        20-minute talk followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion.
–        Complete research or research in progress.
–        Abstracts should be between 450 and 500 words in length, accompanied by references. Title and references are excluded from the word count.
CATEGORY 4: Posters
–        Results of completed research or work in progress.
–        Abstracts should be between 350 and 400 words in length, accompanied by references. Title and references are excluded from the word count.
CATEGORY 5: Pecha Kucha
–        20×20 talks (20 slides, each shown for exactly 20 seconds): 7 minutes.
–        Work in progress.
–        Abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words in length, accompanied by references. Title and references are excluded from the word count.

To submit a proposal for the main conference, please go to the LD2019 proposal portal on EasyChair. At your first visit, you will need to register for the conference proposal system, and thereafter you will be able to access the site with your user name and password. Individuals can submit more than one proposal but will be limited to two acceptances (as lead author). Please note that proposals can be entered into the system at any time before the deadline, but that the proposal remains open for editing at any point up until the deadline of 23:55 (GMT) on 2 June 2019.

Pre-conference workshop proposals should be sent directly to the conference email account:, with a subject line that begins: [ld2019-pcw]. In the case of pre-conference workshops, please provide the presenter’s/presenters’ details (name/s, affiliation/s) within the document.